Testimonials and success stories

We thrive on making our patients happy, and below we’ve gathered just a few of the testimonials we’ve gotten from our clients. We’d love to hear what you have to say about your visit to Integrated Spine & Disc. Please click on one of the social channels below, or to leave a review, go here.


“(Because of) a bulging disc in my lower back, I was unable to sleep, perform basic chores, sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time. I tried physical therapy, epidural injections, cordizone packs and pain pills. Now I am no longer taking any medications. When you feel better, life just feels better.”


“My posture is better. I can stretch farther. I can run further on the track. I feel much better than before. Thank you Doctor!”


“…no more headaches, less back pain, and a much improved attitude toward work and life in general.”


“The constant tingling in my hands has gone, and my back does not hurt anymore, except occasionally. I feel a lot better, not as tired.”


“I used to have to go home and lay down because of the pain. Getting adjusted and keeping up with my therapy has paid off. Thanks Dr. Jeff!”


“I have been under Dr. Miller’s care for a month. I have taken myself off of both inhalers (that I used every day) and I am able to go through cheerleading practice without asthma. I can also do my backbend now.”


“I have had a major increase in range of motion – I can actually see behind my shoulder for the first time in years!”


“My fibromyalgia pain was starting to interfere with the time I could spend with my family, and I was losing my quality of life. Amazingly, after my very first adjustment I felt a little better, and as I continued to come I felt a lot better. I have more energy and less pain. Thanks to Dr. Jeff and Stephanie for their time and healing hands, I was able to fly to Las Vegas for the birth of my granddaughter! Everyone at this office cares and you feel it. They want you to be well.”


“My sciatic problems are almost gone thanks to Dr. Miller.”


“It has been two months since my last migraine. My sinus problems are starting to clear up, and my neck pain is gone.”