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How Chiropractic Care Helps During the Stressful Transition Back to School

The return to school is an inherently stressful time of the year.  Just about everyone is feeling the pressure as the summer winds down and the school year begins.  From students to teachers, administrators, parents, bus drivers, and beyond, there are plenty of people who contribute to the success of school systems.  If the shift back to school has you stressed out or feeling physical pain, you will benefit from chiropractic care.  Though few know it, chiropractic care can even help relieve headache pain.

How Chiropractic Care Helps During the Stressful Transition Back to School with Integrated Spine & Disc in Mandeville and Covington LA; image of african american female teacher standing in front of diverse class of young elementary students teaching

Relieve Your Stress With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care through Integrated Spine & Disc is an effective way to manage headache pain.  In fact, some patients suffering from headaches have reported chiropractic care completely relieves the pain.  Abide by a schedule of routine chiropractic care, and you will find this treatment modality really does work, especially when you are dealing with the pressure of the return to school.  So don’t reach for the pain pills or down one drink after another.  Choose chiropractic care in Mandeville, and you will find it works better than most or all other potential forms of pain relief.

How Chiropractic Care Alleviate Stress and Pain

Chiropractic adjustments are effective largely because they provide a targeted, gentle and non-invasive form of pain relief.  Unlike other treatment modalities, there is no potential for addiction when you visit your chiropractor in Mandeville.  The chiropractor’s adjustments decrease spinal misalignment, joint restrictions, and additional alignment issues, ultimately enhancing joint functionality and decreasing inflammation.  Improved spinal health combined with better joint mobility makes it much easier to manage pain stemming from either tension or migraine headaches

Chiropractic care and adjustments ultimately help headache sufferers return to living life as it was meant to be lived.  Continue with chiropractic treatment, and you will find these sessions reduce your stress, provide relief from tension disorders, lower inflammation, and even improve your physical performance.  The use of chiropractic adjustments in combination with additional complementary and alternative therapies might also help reduce the magnitude or frequency of your headaches all the more.  Continue to experiment with chiropractic adjustments in unison with additional treatment modalities, and you will eventually find the right combination to minimize your unique pain.

Chiropractic Care for Cervicogenic Headaches

This type of headache starts with pain that originates along the back of the head then transitions to the front.  Cervicogenic headaches commonly have pain along the same side of the body, typically by the arm or shoulder region.  Such headaches likely result from neck issues and/or injury.  Medication will not reduce your pain.  Spinal manipulation is recommended for those plagued by this unique type of headache. 

Visit Integrated Spine & Disc for spinal manipulation, and a controlled force will be applied to a joint in the spine.  There might be a slight popping sound, so don’t be alarmed.  Our gentle chiropractor will carefully apply the controlled force along your spine to relieve your pain.  We are proud to provide our clients with headache relief and long-lasting corrections through strategic chiropractic adjustments.  Integrated Spine & Disc ensures each spinal correction is fully controlled, precise, and as effective as possible.  Whether your goal is to reduce headache pain, improve your postural imbalance, enhance flexibility or decrease physical pain, we can help.

Schedule Your Appointment with our Mandeville Chiropractor

Are you dealing with back-to-school stress, headaches, and/or related pain?  Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, you will benefit from chiropractic care.  Our chiropractor in Mandeville is also here for other community members who need back pain relief and relief from headaches.  Reach out to Integrated Spine & Disc today at 985-626-0999 to schedule an appointment.  You can also schedule an appointment with our Mandeville chiropractor online.

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