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Dr. Jeff Miller of Integrated Spine & Disc has been keeping helping keep families well for nearly 10 years at his Mandeville LA office. His philosophy is to help the body heal from within by natural means instead of masking problems with invasive drugs at the first sign of a symptom.

Integrated Spine & Disc can help you with low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ pain, fibromyalgia, weakness or numbness in limbs and more.

Dr. Miller also offers spinal disc decompression if you have pain from bulging or herniated discs. Integrated Spine & Disc also offers nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching to help you live to your optimum health potential.

Integrated Spine & Disc is the chiropractic resource center for Mandeville La, Madisonville LA, Covington LA, and Lacomb LA. Please visit our website and feel free to request a consultation today. WE CAN HELP YOU!

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