ELDOA Method

ELDOA Method


ELDOA™ exercises are precise postural positions proven to be highly beneficial in the fight against acute and chronic back pain. Over a 30-year period, Dr. Guy Voyer created an ELDOA™ for every joint of the spine. Proper application of these exercises allows a patient to independently target and decompress the space where the nerve exits the spine, assisting the correction of disc bulges, arthritis, and pain.

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While ELDOA™ initially proved itself to be a great tool to combat pain, Dr. Voyer also discovered that patients using ELDOA™ also experienced benefits extending well beyond back pain, including improved organ function and an increased overall sense of well-being.

Following an examination and x-ray, Dr. Miller will prescribe specific ELDOA’s™ for the exact site of the compressed nerve. Then our expert rehab technicians will teach and monitor the exercises in the office so that they can be preformed at home for self care. Dr. Miller is the only chiropractor in Louisiana certified to administer ELDOA™.

“In my 20 years of studying spinal biomechanics, ELDOA™ is by far the most precise exercise tool to correct spinal problems I have come across.” – Dr. Jeff Miller