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If you are like 80% of Americans you’ve suffered with low back pain at some point in your life. The research is in. Chiropractic treatment of low back pain is one of the most effective treatments! Dr. Jeff Miller practices in Mandeville, LA and has helped thousands of people in Mandeville LA with low back pain get relief with out drugs or surgery. With a series of chiropractic adjustments and some simple exercises your low back pain could be completely eliminated or significantly decreased.

Dr. Jeff Miller has been practicing in Mandeville for nearly 10 years with great success in treating low back pain for Mandeville residents. If you have been diagnosed with bulging discs or herniated discs Discover Wellness and Rehab offers spinal decompression therapy to relieve the pain. Please checkout our website above and request a free consultation to see if chiropractic treatment can help you feel normal again.

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