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In a typical forty hour work week here in Mandeville Louisiana, many of us spend the majority of those hours sitting in front of a desk and a computer screen. This normal office activity can lend itself to the risk for muscle stiffness, poor balance and mobility as well as increased pain in the lower back area, neck and hips. When sitting in an office chair, the upright position keeps hips and thighs bent (in relation to your torso), which causes the muscles on the front of the thighs (known as hip flexors) to slightly contract (shorten). Over a period of time, the muscles will not stretch as well, as they naturally would if activity was present.

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We really do spend a lot of time with our shoulders and upper back slumped over a keyboard and laptop; eventually this becomes our regular position. This poor posture frequently leads to chronic neck and shoulder pain. We might not notice the small changes to muscles and posture from sitting improperly, but over time these changes often become worse and harder to fix.

Our office jobs ensure slumping, unsupported lower back muscles, and increasingly poor sitting position. All of these can indeed increase pain that will usually get worse before it gets better. If the spine is properly aligned: weight can be distributed more evenly lessening the issues of continuous sitting. When we are not in proper spinal alignment, all that weight falls to one side or forward on to the neck or onto your lower back, depending upon how we sit. Unfortunately, poor posture can lead to permanent changes in your spine and joints.

The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to help the body’s potential to heal itself. It is based on the scientific principles that restrict spinal movements that lead to pain and reduced function and performance. Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time is continuously restricting spinal movement. The adjustments we perform truly make a difference.

We want you feeling your best every day. There is no need to let pain stop you from enjoying an active and healthy life. Our skilled and gentle chiropractors are experienced in techniques such as spinal disc decompression and other chiropractic wellness treatments. Contact us at Integrated Spine & Disc to schedule an appointment today.

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