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Feeling Lower Back Pain? Our Mandeville Chiropractor can Help.

Lower back pain is the most common back problem, mainly because most people spend most of their day seated.  From the ride to work to slouching at an office cubicle, watching TV at night, and sleeping, the vast majority of the average person’s time is spent on their backside.  Excessive sitting strains the lower back.  Furthermore, many Mandeville residents suffer lower back pain when doing chores around the house and performing other activities.  Your trusted Mandeville Chiropractor at Integrated Spine & Disc is here to help.

Mandeville Chiropractic Care for the Lower Back

Feeling Lower Back Pain? Headaches? Our Mandeville Chiropractor can Help at Integrated Spine & Disc. Image of middle aged man sitting on couch holding his lower back in which the pain spot is highlighted in red, and his right hand holding his forhead

Your lower back pain has the potential to be debilitating. Reach out to our Mandeville chiropractor, Dr. Jeff, for assistance. Dr. Jeff is quiet, thoughtful, warm, calm, and caring. He will analyze your pain and develop a course of chiropractic care treatment to reduce it or even eliminate it.

Chiropractic care for lower back problems centers on the adjustment of the spine.  Chiropractic adjustments performed at Integrated Spine & Disc are manual forms of adjustment.  Once your spine is aligned correctly, you will find your body functions that much better, and your pain is minimized or even eliminated.  The manual adjustment of your spine for the proper spinal alignment involves applying pressure, slight thrusts, and gentle touches.

Choose Chiropractic Care Over Other Treatment Modalities

Chiropractic care is safe and highly effective. Most people who choose adjustments as their primary treatment modality for lower back pain agree it is superior to the continual use of prescription medication for long-term improvement. 

Even Harvard Medical School has chimed in on the issue, stating spinal manipulation is a highly efficient treatment modality for patients with lower back pain.  Integrated Spine & Disc’s Mandeville chiropractor also performs additional techniques for pain relief, including spinal adjustment, healthy lifestyle alterations, soft tissue therapy, and more. 

Ongoing Guidance for Pain-Free Living

Dr. Jeff does more than make manual adjustments to your spine.  He also teaches you to decrease back pain to bolster functionality and live life to the fullest.  This means you will receive valuable advice ranging from the optimal exercises to reduce lower back pain to ergonomics for thwarting back pain and so much more.  Our Mandeville chiropractor is honest, forthright, and open-minded.  Meet with Dr. Jeff, and you’ll find he is a friendly introvert who listens carefully and provides succinct feedback.  This means our Mandeville chiropractor will consider recommending a comprehensive treatment plan, even if it means extending treatment beyond chiropractic care. 

You might also benefit from massage therapy, exercise, medication, and other treatment modalities.  However, we go to great lengths to alleviate lower back pain without medication.  Dr. Jeff might even insist on periods of rest or daily stretching.  It is possible your condition simply needs some time to heal on its own without significant interference.  However, chiropractic care will likely be at the core of your treatment simply because it adjusts the spine for effective pain relief that cannot be achieved with other treatment modalities.

Contact Integrated Spine & Disc Today

Does lower back pain saddle you?  Don’t spend one more day with your achy back.  Be proactive and address your lower back pain by reaching out to our Mandeville chiropractor at Integrated Spine & Disc.  You can contact us by phone at 985-626-0999.  If you prefer to reach us on the web, complete our contact form, and we will be in touch at our earliest convenience.

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