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Did you know thatchiropractic plays an important role in the continuous evaluation of newborns in Louisiana?  An early infancy chiropractic evaluation, performed by one of our gentle and skilled doctors during the first month of life, may help your baby develop with full potential.

A child goes through a great deal of trauma making its way into the world.  Stress occurs on the neck and head of the baby during the birth process. These stresses can result in a wide variety of problems, from subluxation of the upper cervical spine, to significant trauma to the brain stem. One of the first tasks our chiropractors perform when examining newborn infants, is checking their spine for signs of trauma induced by the birth process.

When a newborn or young child appears to suffer from any one of a number of physical difficulties or illnesses, the best possible place to start the diagnosis and correction process is a visit to our Mandeville Chiropractors.  Our doctors will examine the length of your baby’s legs in relationship to each other. A leg-length difference will signal the possible need to adjust the spine at the atlas vertebra (the topmost vertebra on which the head rests).

When adjusting your newborn, our conscientious chiropractors will use correct the amount of pressure every time. Postural corrections will soon begin to take place following the adjustment. As a result, your child’s head will center nicely over the developing spine, and should no longer experience any stress from any natural misalignment that might have occurred during the birthing process.

It makes great sense for all children to receive a chiropractic exam soon after birth. The parents of these little patients learn that chiropractic care offers simple solutions to handle any early physical difficulty.  Babies receive the benefits of chiropractic care in as little as one to three treatments. Contact us for an appointment today!

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