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A newborn baby can often cry for several hours a day for no apparent reason.  In many cases, the baby can have colic (uncontrollable and prolonged crying) which occurs in infants, usually in their first three months of life.  The crying can last as long as three hours a day, three days a week, for three weeks or more.  Parents who have colicky babies know just how frustrating and exhausting it can be.

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Our Mandeville Chiropractors can gently touch the infant’s spine to place it in proper alignment.  Studies have shown this can be a very effective treatment method to reduce the hours spent crying and improve the disposition of the babies. There has never been complete agreement among doctors as to what colic actually is, what causes it, or how it can be effectively treated and managed.

Infantile colic could be the result of indigestion, gas, or food allergies.  Although one in four babies has colic, medical research has shown there is no one consistently proven cause of colic.  However, when parents have an inconsolable and frustrated baby, they are sure their infant child has it.  Unfortunately, colic can last for as long as six to twelve months in these children, producing considerable distress for both the infant and the parents.

If there is a spinal misalignment during birth, or shortly thereafter; the baby is more susceptible to these conditions. Mandeville Chiropractic care helps restore normal functionality to the infant’s nervous system and digestive tract, bringing the child back to full and normal potential.  After receiving consistent chiropractic care, babies with colic cry significantly less and sleep significantly more.The result is a more contented baby and happier parents.

Contact us to set up the baby’s first appointment.  Our caring and knowledgeable doctors of chiropractic care are ready to help your baby feel at ease, allowing the whole family a little more rest.

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