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How Can Office Workers Minimize Back Pain at Work?

If you’re like most people, you sit in an office chair for eight or more hours per day. Unfortunately, excessive sitting will inevitably lead to back soreness and pain. 

Though you can reduce the chances of back pain by being active after work hours, it’s only a matter of time until sitting causes a stiff back. 

Here’s a quick look at what you can do as an office worker to minimize back pain.

Mind Your Posture

How Can Office Workers Minimize Back Pain at Work? | Integrated Spine & Disc in Mandeville, LA. Image of a man using an adjustable height standing desk and a computer in an office.

Most people sit somewhat slumped in their office chairs. The natural tendency is to slide a bit down in the chair with the legs extended. 

Ideally, you will make a conscious effort to sit upright with your back flat against the back of the chair. If you resist the temptation to slump or slouch, you have done your part to minimize strain on your back’s discs, ligaments, and muscles. 

Poor sitting posture in your Mandeville office might not cause immediate pain or soreness. But it will lead to back issues and problems with other body parts (like legs and shoulders) as time progresses.

Opt for a Sit-Stand Desk

Most people in Mandeville and other places use conventional sit-down-style desks. Though regular desks are functional, they aren’t doing your back any favors. 

Choose a sit-stand hybrid desk instead that allows you to transition seamlessly from sitting to standing and reduces the pressure on your back. By simply transitioning from sitting to standing, you have done your part in improving your spine health. 

Also, continue shifting positions every hour or two. Doing so reduces the pressure on your spine while simultaneously boosting blood flow throughout your body.

Adjust the Armrests, Backrest, and Chair Height

When seated, your elbows should create a nearly perfect 90-degree angle. If you find your elbows fall below the desk’s surface, alter the chair height to get the right angle. 

If your chair has armrests, they should be adjusted to maintain optimal shoulder height. Using the armrests to keep your shoulders lifted will minimize the strain on your spine and shoulders. Adjusting the armrests to the correct height also reduces the chances of slouching.

Finally, don’t forget to adjust the backrest as necessary. The chair is positioned too deep if you can’t place a balled-up fist between the front of the chair and the back of your calf. You should adjust your backrest forward. 

If your chairs don’t have adjustable backrests, add a lumbar back cushion for additional support. Or roll up a towel and place it between your lower back and the chair.

Tap Into the Power of Chiropractic Treatment

Integrated Spine & Disc chiropractors in Mandeville, LA are here to alleviate your back pain. We will reduce your back pain to the point that you no longer dread spending eight or more hours a day sitting in your office chair. 

Our chiropractic adjustments are tailored to your unique back pain, setting the stage for your return to office work without pain.

Schedule Your Chiropractic Treatment at Integrated Spine & Disc in Mandeville, LA

Our chiropractors in Mandeville, LA are here to treat your back. If you live or work in the greater Mandeville, LA area, reach out to us today to learn more about our chiropractic care. 

You can contact our Mandeville chiropractors at 985-626-0999 or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 3441 E Causeway Approach STE D, Mandeville, LA 70448.

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