“Myofascial Stretching is the most advanced, biomechanically sound form of stretching available. Proper application will quickly provide more flexibility, postural balance, and ultimately the correction of spinal injuries.” – Dr. Jeff Miller

Injuries result in the fascia (connective tissue) contracting and tightening, leading to pain, inflammation, and ultimately arthritis. Myofascial Stretching utilizes the new science of tensegrity biomechanics and fascial anatomy to stretch the myofascia (the muscles and their coverings).

An assistant at Integrated Spine & Disc performing Myofacial Stretching

After an examination of the muscular system and fascial chains, a myofascial stretching program is customized to each patient. Consistent, proper use of myofascial stretching offers significant relief to anyone suffering from a painful condition or simply interested in preventing injuries and maintaining the flexibility and health of the connective tissue, muscles and joints.