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The Surprising Benefits Of ELDOA Method For Your Spine in Covington, La

You can’t see it but you can feel it—the pull of gravity weighing down on your spine each year until, eventually, you start to feel your age. What starts as a minor catch or twinge in your back can easily advance to full-fledged back pain. And while it seems to appear suddenly, back pain is typically the result of the continual force of gravity “pressing down” on the cushioning between each spinal bone, Add to those lifestyle choices, such as excess sitting, and you have further weakening of the spinal column. If you’re one of the millions of people diagnosed each year with a disc bulge, degenerative disc disease (DJD), or spondylosis, you will be pleased to learn that there are new solutions that don’t involve surgery. Exercise science has truly come a long way in the last decade! One revolutionary new exercise called the ELDOA Method is now widely used to diminish the effects of gravity on the spine and halt age-related decline. And while the ELDOA has mainly been the secret of professional athletes to enhance performance, you too can reap the therapeutic benefits. Read on for three surprising benefits of the ELDOA for your spinal health.


The Surprising Benefits Of ELDOA Method For Your Spine in Covington La with Integrated Spine & Disc image of Dr. Jeff aiding patient performing the ELDOA Method by laying on his back on yoga mat with feet up against the wall while the doctor holds points in his left ankle

First, what is the ELDOA Method?

The ELDOA Method is a collection of exercises that helps to elongate the spine and promote good posture by deeply stretching the fascia that connects each spinal joint, according to Stephanie Vanderbeck, Certified ELDOA Trainer. ELDOA is the work of an internationally renowned osteopath and fascia expert, GUY Voyer, DO, she explains.  “Each posture is held for 60 seconds of maximum effort. It is a challenging exercise, yet it is completely safe because you pushing your body weight UPWARD against gravity with zero bending or twisting.” Each ELDOA exercise creates space in a given joint, allowing healing and hydration for compressed discs. Benefits of the ELDOA include posture improvement, relief for disc bulges, and strengthening specifically for muscles around the spine. Your chiropractor in Mandeville at Integrated Spine & Disc, is one of the few chiropractors worldwide currently offering the ELDOA™ for its incredible healing power. You can learn more about the ELDOA Method at our Mandeville office right here

3 Surprising Benefits of the ELDOA for your spine

Hydration for the disc

Did you know that your spinal disc is over 80% water? When you are dehydrated (even slightly) some of this water is lost from your spine to ensure that your internal organs continue to function. This is known as the body’s water rationing system. A dehydrated disc is a compressed disc. As the disc thins, more pressure is placed on painful nerves. Ouch! Unfortunately, the solution isn’t as easy as simply drinking more water. The disc doesn’t have its own direct blood supply, so it relies on a specific type of movement to get rehydrated. ELDOA works by creating micro-movement between vertebrae to pull water in and pump the waste out. This phenomenon is known as disc imbibition. Spinal discs which are hydrated can better resist herniation, and the ELDOA Method is an excellent way to keep your spine hydrated and healthy.

Posture correction

How important is posture? Very, considering those with poor posture are more likely to suffer from decreased cognition, fatigue, and depression. Further, poor posture can put stress on internal organs, especially the lungs and heart. There are two main way the ELDOA improves upright posture. The first is by building the endurance of the muscles along the spine. Postural muscles are designed to support you all day, every day. They are built for endurance rather than bursts of quick strength. The ELDOA exercises require holding a position for a specific length of time, which is very different from traditional weight lifting. Secondly, the ELDOA trains your brain’s awareness of your physical position in relation to the space around you. This concept known as your “Gravity Line” is the continual awareness and correction of your ideal posture—ear over the shoulder, shoulder over the hip, hip over the center of your heel. Retraining the gravity line means you’ll expend less energy to hold your body upright and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Improves your adjustment

At Integrated Spine & Disc, your ELDOA exercises are a very important part of your chiropractic treatment. When performed daily, after an adjustment or as prescribed, these exercises help you to maintain the new “adjusted” position of your spine. The ELDOA builds strength around the spine and will gradually help you to wait longer between chiropractic visits. It’s also completely self- administered, meaning you can do it on your own. But don’t worry, the awesome team at Integrated Spine & Disc is here to provide hands-on assistance. Following an examination and x-ray, Dr. Miller will prescribe specific ELDOA’s for the exact site of damage. This could be a site of disc compression or a pinched nerve. Then our expert rehab technicians will teach and monitor the exercises in the office so that they can be performed at home for self-care. ELDOA Method applies to the neck, lower back, and any area of the spine you need the most help.

Have you tried the ELDOA Method?

A few ELDOA’s every day, along with regular chiropractic adjustments, will keep your spine healthy and strong for life. The ELDOAs can be performed anywhere, no special equipment needed, and are ideal for any age. Integrated Spine & Disc provides a blend of chiropractic and exercise therapy to keep you feeling your very best. Explore the ELDOA Method by booking a new patient appointment in our Mandeville office today.

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