Additional Services

Additional Services


Integrated Spine & Disc offers each patient a full range of chiropractic as well as health and wellness services that can be specifically customized to fit their unique needs.


Our cutting edge, research based, three-step protocol has set Integrated Spine & Disc apart from other chiropractors. Our unique method can accomplish life-changing results for our patients, and ensure that the treatment they receive here lasts a lifetime. These steps include muscle, ligament and joint preparation; spinal mobilization and adjustment, and corrective exercise as part of a result-oriented approach to complete wellness.

Learn more about our services:

Specific Adjustments

These adjustments are specific techniques in which your chiropractor will return the vertebrae into their proper positions or mobilize them so they can freely move.

ELDOA Method

Precise postural positions proven to be highly beneficial in the fight against acute and chronic back pain.

Myofascial Stretching

A customized program that offers significant relief to anyone suffering from a painful condition or simply interested in preventing injuries and maintaining flexibility.

Relief From Sciatic Pain

It’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all cure when it comes to sciatica. At Integrated Spine & Disc, you are treated as a unique individual, not a number.

Disc Bulge Or Herniation Pain Relief

We have experience treating disc herniation with conservative methods, including chiropractic adjustments and targeted exercise therapy.

Migraine Headache Relief

Chiropractic care aims to help reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches when they occur. Our highly skilled chiropractors can help identify likely triggers and develop strategies for their avoidance.