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Did you know that your child’s ear pain or sinus infection can be treated by our Chiropractic team?

Integrated Spine and Disc is known across Louisiana for successfully relieving adult back and neck pain, but our professionals can also treat common yet painful child conditions like ear pain and sinus infections. A possible ear infection often sends many parents to the pediatrician for an antibiotic that might not even eliminate the pain and soreness. We can treat youngsters and their ear infections successfully without medication, using safe and commonly practiced chiropractic techniques.

Ear infections could be due to the irritation of small nerves in your child’s spine. This nerve irritation can place pressure on small muscles in the neck and that can lead to inadequate drainage from inside the ear. If it does not properly drain, it can never naturally correct the problem.

Our chiropractors will look for spinal vertebrae that are slightly misaligned or not moving within their normal range. Often a short course of painless spinal adjustment and manipulation of the neck muscles can restore normal lymph drainage.

If you are a parent of a small child with ear pain, you often find yourself holding a crying baby, wondering what to do to provide comfort. While it is quite common for infants and toddlers to cry in order to relieve stress and to be heard, they also can possibly benefit from regular adjustments. Even minor modifications to the child’s back and neck can make for a tremendous difference in eating, sleeping, digestion, breathing, and minimizing common ear infection or sinus congestion. You will find that our chiropractic care is a safe and effective natural practice for patients of any age.

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