herniated or bulging disc?


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disc bulge or herniation?

Ask anyone who suffers from a disc problem in their spine and you’ll quickly find out that it can be one of the most debilitating, life altering health conditions imaginable. When every movement causes severe pain it is almost impossible to enjoy life.

Sometimes a herniated disc will not lead to any symptoms. But other times, the protrusion from the disc can press up against nerves in the spine – which leads to serious pain and ongoing discomfort.

The basic anatomy of a spinal disc is like a tire surrounding a gel-like inner core. When a disc is bulging, that means the center of the disc (the “nucleus”), has pushed outward into the tough outer fibers (the “annulus”).  A herniated disc is similar except the outer annulus is actually weakened to the point of tearing.  A ruptured disc is a medical emergency in which the annulus tears and a portion of the inner nucleus leaks out, often causing a loss of feeling in the legs or loss of bowel control.

How should I treat a disc herniation?

For many people, it is possible to treat a disc bulge or herniation with conservative chiropractic care.  On the other hand, pain management under the care of an orthopedist could be the better path.  While medical imaging studies like MRI’s can confirm the problem, there’s no guarantee that a medical procedure will fix the problem—especially when disc herniation is the result of longstanding poor posture and lifestyle factors (such as exercise and nutrition). 

So how do you choose the treatment that's right for you?

Many chiropractors simply will not work with a large disc herniation.  Fortunately, Dr. Jeff Miller and the experienced chiropractors at ISD know how to read the MRI and, importantly, when to refer to another health professional.  When indicated, we have the experience to treat a disc herniation with conservative methods including chiropractic adjustments and targeted exercise therapy.  This multi-pronged approach makes all the difference in your long-term outcome and can even reduce medical costs.  We offer the following services so that you can make an informed choice for the lowest possible cost.

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  • Get a thorough consult and exam with health history. 
  • Expert opinion from a knowledgeable and experienced doctor of chiropractic. 
  • Review your MRI (when needed) for possible alternatives to pain medication or even surgery. 
  • Cost effective and informative
  • In many cases, you can start getting relief from Disc bulges right away.

Note: Even if you need medical treatment for a disc herniation, conservative treatment to rehabilitate the spine (to treat the cause of herniation, such as poor posture) is still indicated.


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Don’t just accept your pain or stop at just one medical opinion.  Integrated Spine & Disc has been providing safe, effective, treatment for disc herniation since its opening in 2006. We have helped thousands of people just like you overcome disc herniation and live a healthy, pain-free life.

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