migraine headaches?

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are you suffering with migraines?

If you put up with migraine headaches, you are certainly not alone. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, approximately 36 million Americans suffer from migraines.  It’s considered the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world!

what is a migraine?

Migraines are more than just headaches – they are an intense collection of symptoms that can include visual disturbances, dizziness, nausea, extreme sound sensitivity, vomiting and more. If you have had a migraine before, you are well-aware of just how debilitating it can be.

While there is no known “cure” for migraines, there are ways to help reduce their frequency and intensity. Chiropractic care, along with prescribed treatments from your doctor, go a long way to help improve your condition and your overall wellbeing.

how can chiropractic help with migraines?

Migraines often occur spontaneously, but head and neck injury is a known trigger.  If the vertebrae of the neck are misaligned, the nerves that travel the length of the spine to the brain become irritated, contributing to your pain. Our chiropractors can realign or “adjust” the vertebrae, relieving pressure against inflamed nerves and providing welcome pain relief. 

The purpose of the Chiropractic care is to help reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of the headaches when they occur. Our highly skilled chiropractors can help identify likely triggers and develop strategies for their avoidance.

Chiropractic treatment may also help to:

  • prevent migraines from coming in the first place
  • reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attacks
  • relieve restriction of movement of the neck
  • relieve muscle tension in the neck, upper back and shoulders
  • correct any postural issues or muscular asymmetries 

what’s different about integrated spine & disc?


At Integrated Spine & Disc in Mandeville, LA, we provide specialized care for migraine headaches. Your care starts with a physical exam and in-depth discussion of your health. We are wholly focused we are on getting to the root of your problem. Instead of putting you on the table and going “all out” with the adjustments, we will conduct a careful analysis of your spine to identify where tension and misalignment are. Then, when it’s needed, we may apply specific adjustments to correct those imbalances.  All new patients can take advantage of this limited time, no obligation offer to receive help for your migraines: 

new patients


  • Get a thorough consult and exam with health history. 
  • Expert opinion from a knowledgeable and experienced doctor of chiropractic. 
  • Review your MRI (if necessary) for possible alternatives to pain medication or even surgery.  
  • Cost effective and informative
  • In many cases, you can start getting relief from migraine headaches right away

Note: Even if you need medical treatment for a migraine disorder, conservative treatment to rehabilitate the spine (to treat the cause of migraines, such as poor posture) is still indicated.


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