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We always welcome visiting, new, and returning patients to Integrated Spine and Disc, your friendly and professional Mandeville Chiropractors here in Southeastern Louisiana. From the moment visitors and patients enter through our glass doors, they are welcomed into our Patient Center, a unique state-of-the-art-facility. Our friendly, courteous, and professional staff will always greet you with a smile in preparation for your visit with one of our knowledgeable and professional chiropractors.

In our spacious and open stretching area, patients have the opportunity to move and stretch their muscles. We offer various hand weights, stretch bands, and mats as well. Returning patients, who have received guided instructions in the past about exercises specific to their needs, have the opportunity to begin their own routines before being seen.

After an initial consultation with one of our expert chiropractors, new patients learn some of the science behind how chiropractic care works. Our doctors will perform a full evaluation as well as look and assess current X- rays. We use the newest spinal technology to identify the root causes of misalignments and we develop a unique and customized program to restore spinal function and renewed quality of life.

Our chiropractors compassionately listen to all cares and concerns. We treat the patient holistically, understanding each one’s collective work and life habits. Our chiropractors offer practical suggestions about what can be done to gain relief and achieve a high level of wellness. This is why our doctors have the reputation for having such successful relationships with patients.

As a courtesy during each visit, our chiropractors will tell you beforehand what to expect with each correction they perform. Patients who come regularly may find that their overall health improves, their aches and pains decline, and they may even have more energy for activity. We desire that all of our patients experience less pain and more alignment, flexibility, and strength!

We really appreciate serving our friends and families here in Southeastern Louisiana. Take our virtual office tour and enjoy a photo gallery of our outstanding facility in Mandeville.

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